Building listserv

Please check your Personal Info page on your MyCatPage to see if you have the correct buildings listed beside your building info. If not, click the link to edit personal info and check the building(s) to which you are assigned. The building listservs are created from this information. […]

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Post-mortem on April 16th downtime

On April 16th I was investigating issues with the Internet Gateway and decided to run the update and let it reboot. This procedure should have resulted in less than 5 minutes of downtime. But alas, this was not the case. A corruption of the config file caused the machine to not start back up. It […]

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Google Drive updates

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Google is going to transition everyone to the new Google Drive in the next couple of months. Afterwhich, you will lose the ability to go back to the old Google Drive. Google Apps update alerts: An update on the new Google Drive UI: For Scheduled release customers, the rollout of the new Google Drive UI […]

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