The seven year old bloggers

Although it is a little old (June, 2004), I found the article at BBC News (The seven-year-old bloggers) inspirational.

Crucially, some of the children who attend the club have improved their knowledge of IT far above what is required of their age group by the National Curriculum.

“The Government target is for 80% of children of this age to reach level 4 by year 6. All of the webloggers have done that, and some have reached level 6. They are doing what 14 or 15-year-olds are expected to do.

What a fascinating way to get the children enthusiastic about learning!

January WILD Wednesdays

January will be review month with WILD Wednesdays. I’ll be offering repeats of popular past sessions:

January 4th – Learning Macintosh OS X
January 11th – Using digital cameras and iPhoto
January 18th – SPAM E-mail filtering
January 25th – Using Blogs in your classroom

Five percent of adults illiterate

According to an article on CNN, The National Assessment of Adult Literacy:

“About one in 20 adults in the U.S. is not literate in English, meaning 11 million people lack the skills to handle many everyday tasks, a federal study shows.”

It goes on further that 19 million American adults have “below basic” skills, which means they might have problems reading something as simple as a pamphlet.