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New Kenton City Schools website coming soon

May 31, 2018 The main website for Kenton City Schools is getting a makeover this summer. The new website is designed to be secure, fast, and responsive, with quick access to information for families, students, and staff. You can check it out now at

Switching to Google Drive File Stream

May 7, 2018 Here are the steps to switch to Google Drive File Stream. You will need to re-create any shortcuts you have made to your Dock or in the Finder windows to point to the new location in your Google Drive File Stream. Once completed, you will have the Google Drive icon...

Laptop users using the Google Drive app to sync

May 6, 2018 The end of the Google Drive app used to sync your Google Drive folder on your laptop to the cloud is near. It will stop working on Saturday, May 12th. Google has a replacement, Google Drive File Stream, which I've already written about. We will be sending out directions this...