Tech News

Helping Flash go gently into that good night

Adobe announced in July of 2017 and I have posted that Flash was going the way of the dodo bird at the end of 2020. Well, how time flies because we are now closing in on the end of 2020.¬† Google has slowly been making it harder and harder to run Flash in the browser. […]

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Kami 60 day trial now available for students and staff

Kenton City Schools has signed up with a 60 day trial of Kami’s¬†teacher plan. After the 60 days, the licence will revert back to the Basic plan. Kami is a web based app that students can use to collaborate, edit, or markup documents and images, such as PDFs and jpegs. It’s a nice alternative to […]

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ProgressBook Suite Information

Teachers, here are some notes about ProgressBook for you. ParentAccess I just found out that ParentAccess was turned off over the summer by WOCO. I enabled it in the evening on 8/19/2020 so students and parents should now be able to log in. Google Classroom Sync As you are adding assignments in Google Classroom, please […]

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Technology Staff

Ryan Collins

Director of Technology

John Dean

Assistant to the Director of Technology

Brad Blue

Associate Principal
Kenton Elementary School

Carrie Dilley

Integrated Technology/STEM Teacher
Kenton Elementary School

Mandy Dyer

Integrated Technology/STEM Teacher 3-6
Kenton Elementary School

Joe Funkhouser

Information Technology
ProgressBook Administrator
Kenton High School

Darren Gilbert

4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Technology Instructor
Kenton Elementary School
7th & 8th Grade Financial Literacy Instructor
Kenton Middle School