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Shortening web addresses with

A URL shortener is a service that takes a long web address and makes it shorter and easier to share. If you’ve every used or seen or, you’ve used an URL shortener. I had written an URL shortener several years ago, and remnants of it still exist under It worked ok, but […]

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Spice up your Google Slides with templates from Slides Carnival

Source: SlidesCarnival – Free Powerpoint templates for presentations, Google Slides themes and Canva templates Sure, Google Slides is pretty powerful, but it seems like Google Slides presentations start to look alike after awhile. So, spice up your presentations with SlidesCarnival! After navigating to SlidesCarnival, you can browse through the templates on the front page, or […]

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How do you solve a problem like Adobe Flash?

Short answer: You don’t. Adobe Flash is on its way out, and web browsers have started to make it harder and harder to run Adobe Flash content. By December of 2020 it will be impossible to run Adobe Flash in any browser. You’ll notice this happening when you try to view Flash content and the […]

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Technology Staff

Ryan Collins

Director of Technology

John Dean

Assistant to the Director of Technology

Brad Blue

Associate Principal
Kenton Elementary School

Carrie Dilley

Integrated Technology/STEM Teacher
Kenton Elementary School

Mandy Dyer

Integrated Technology/STEM Teacher 3-6
Kenton Elementary School

Joe Funkhouser

Information Technology
ProgressBook Administrator
Kenton High School

Darren Gilbert

4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Technology Instructor
Kenton Elementary School
7th & 8th Grade Financial Literacy Instructor
Kenton Middle School