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The web address for SAM, SRI, SRC, and SMI has changed

Be sure to update any bookmarks you have for SAM, SRI, SRC, and SMI to the following. For students, the new link is For staff, the new link is […]

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Fixing “The selected printer is not available or not installed correctly”

UPDATE (2019-08-02): There is a simpler way of fixing this. Go to Apple Menu -> System Preferences Click on Printers. Click on Default Printer Select another printer as your default. Ignore these following directions These were my original directions on fixing the issue. There is an issue with the new copiers, Google Cloudprint, and Google Chrome where […]

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DASL hasn’t existed for years, and other definitions

I thought I would send out a quick refresher on the names of the most used software packages through WOCO. Since it is the start of the new year, it’s as good as time as any to reference the services by their correct names. DASL – Previously called DSL, no product has been called DASL for […]

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Technology Staff

Ryan Collins

Director of Technology

John Dean

Assistant to the Director of Technology

Brad Blue

Associate Principal
Kenton Elementary School

Carrie Dilley

Integrated Technology/STEM Teacher
Kenton Elementary School

Mandy Dyer

Integrated Technology/STEM Teacher 3-6
Kenton Elementary School

Joe Funkhouser

Information Technology
ProgressBook Administrator
Kenton High School

Darren Gilbert

4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Technology Instructor
Kenton Elementary School
7th & 8th Grade Financial Literacy Instructor
Kenton Middle School