Tech News

📹 New IPEVO document cameras

Every desktop computer hooked to a projector or TV has a new 4K IPEVO document camera attached to it. The cameras can be used as a document camera or as a webcam for virtual meetings or creating screencasts. Using the document camera The software to use the IPEVO camera as a document camera is automatically […]

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👩‍🎓 Student ID #s and account status

Our student ID #s are either 5 digit or 9 digits. The student ID # is the best way to reference a student, whether when you are talking to the technology department, using the student in the various online services, or talking to other teachers and/or the office.  However, there is a tendency to drop […]

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🗂 Signing in to Google Drive

Signing in to Google Drive and accessing your files Any files that you work with on your Mac will need to be stored in your Google Drive. Files that are not stored in Google Drive are in danger of being lost if something happens to your computer.  Once you sign in to Google Drive, your […]

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Technology Staff

Ryan Collins

Director of Technology

John Dean

Assistant to the Director of Technology

Carrie Dilley

Integrated Technology/STEM Teacher
Kenton Elementary School

Joe Funkhouser

Information Technology
ProgressBook Administrator
Kenton High School

Darren Gilbert

4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Technology Instructor
Kenton Elementary School