The snow on Friday wasn’t an issue with the KCS tech, however, the thunderstorms and lightening on Sunday night were. Here is a recap of what happened:

  • Fiber connection to WOCO went down. This connection was pretty much down starting around midnight until 6:45am Monday morning. Because of this, the Kenton City Schools website was offline. I redirected DNS for to an outside host where I was able to post updates of the delays and cancellations until Internet access was restored.
  • Northwood file server started acting up, not allowing anyone to log in. This was a simple solution of restarting the server.
  • Network switches at Hardin Central started acting flakey. A restart of the switches usually clears these issues, but that wasn’t the case. I started swapping out switches with an older spare and was able to get Hardin Central back to functioning Monday night around 10:30pm. New switches will need to be ordered and put in place.

Technology alerts are posted to the kcstech Twitter account, which you can follow from your Twitter account or from any cellphone. Text “follow kcstech” to 40404 to begin receiving text alerts if you do not have a Twitter account.

3 thoughts on “Storm technology update

  1. Most of us don’t know what WOCO is and what it has to do with the web site being down. Is this a service that we pay for? Can it be eliminated, thereby saving money?

    1. WOCO is the ITC (Information Technology Center) for Kenton City Schools. Each public school district in Ohio is a member of an ITC, which provides Internet access and other support to its members.

      If the connection between KCS and WOCO is down, then Internet access for the school district is non-functional. With the website located locally, this means it would be inaccessible to the outside world.

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