Tech report for 10/29/15 – 11/04/15

Tech Department Notes

  • The district is now 1:1 with devices in grades K-12. K-6 classrooms now have a computer for each student. There is still work to do on the logistics of using the technology.
  • The department is in the process of purchasing Reflector licenses for the computers in the district that are used with projectors. Reflector is software that will let staff or students wirelessly mirror their device onto the projector in the classroom.
  • Another file server is being put in place at KES to share the load of storing the staff’s home directories.
  • Substitute teacher accounts (file server and Google) have been created for each teacher in the district.

Software updates

  • Google Chrome – 46.0.2490.806


Help desk email address

The old email addresses you may be using for the help desk no longer work. The correct email address for the help desk is can use it from any device, although we prefer it when the email comes from your school account so we can identify who you are. 🙂

Substitute teacher accounts

I’ve created sub accounts for the teachers at Kenton City Schools. There are two accounts, one for computer access and one for Google access. This means teachers can share materials with their sub account in Google Drive, and the substitute teacher will be able to access them. The sub accounts also have access to GMail, so the teacher can send messages directly to their sub.

Each teacher should have received the credentials for the sub account in their email. If you haven’t, please let me know.