eTech 2006 Technology Conference – Reference Materials

The eTech (organization formally known as SchoolNet) 2006 Technology Conference was held February 13 through the 15. For those that couldn’t attend, eTech has made available all the presentation materials from the various sessions that were held. Examples include:

  • Daily Agenda: Incorporating Technology Into The Classroom
  • Differentiating Instruction With Style
  • Bringing the Trip Back Home
  • Using eLearning to Support Advanced Learners in Multi-Ability Classrooms
  • And many more!

That is just 4 out of over 25 sessions on one morning!
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Technology Survey Results – Chapter 1

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to complete the survey for me. I will be using these results along with a student survey to examine what is going well and help address issues in technology usage.

In today’s world, a technically literate society is now a requirement. The personal computer will be 30 years old on April 1st. The IBM PC will be 25 years old in August. The computer has been around for majority of your teaching career (and for a lot of teachers, it’s been around longer than they’ve been teaching). The Internet will turn 37 years old this November, and the World Wide Web will be 15. Technology is no longer new or a fad. It is a very important part of society.
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