Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to complete the survey for me. I will be using these results along with a student survey to examine what is going well and help address issues in technology usage.

In today’s world, a technically literate society is now a requirement. The personal computer will be 30 years old on April 1st. The IBM PC will be 25 years old in August. The computer has been around for majority of your teaching career (and for a lot of teachers, it’s been around longer than they’ve been teaching). The Internet will turn 37 years old this November, and the World Wide Web will be 15. Technology is no longer new or a fad. It is a very important part of society.
We have a lot to be proud of in our technology usage at Kenton City Schools. We were one of the first districts in the state to:

  • provide individual home folders for each student and staff member, allowing students and staff to use any computer in their building, keeping safe and secure all their settings and documents.
  • provide a Shared folder that teachers can use to distribute files and web addresses to students. Student’s can also hand files in to the teacher their the teacher’s Shared folder.
  • provide web based e-mail for every student and staff member, allowing e-mail access from anywhere a user has Internet access. Web based allows you to access your e-mail without having to install anything.
  • offer students and staff access to their documents from home with nothing more than a web browser.
  • use Moodle to provide online coursework.
  • provide an online trouble ticket system to expedite repair and help requests.
  • provide weblogs to teachers (and coming soon, students).

If you have any questions about the above technologies and would like to learn more about them, don’t hesitate to let me know! I can be made available for 1-on-1 training sessions.

Here is the first section of the survey
Technology Access at school
Please rate the following sentences and questions, with one meaning you strongly disagree and 5 means you strongly agree.

  Average rank
  1 2 3 4 5    
My computers at school are reliable. (4.1)
I have adequate access to technology. (4.1)
Internet access is stable and available. (4.1)
Repairs and assistance happen in a timely manner. (4.1)
I’m not afraid to submit a Help Desk request. (4.6)

(I’m really happy with the 4.6 on submitting a Help Desk request. This is the quickest way to get a hold of me. Once a request is submitted, it is e-mailed to you, to me, and it sends a page to my cell phone.)
What are some of the positives of technology and technology access in the Kenton City School district?

(I’m going to highlight what I feel are some very important processes that are going on in the district. I hope you’re not offended if I didn’t pick yours! 🙂 I also blocked out any info that might identify the writer. I also didn’t correct any spelling or grammar errors.)

  • being able to email teachers for information about students, etc without having to go find them
  • having the ability for students to research things when they might not have that access at home or even at the school
  • internet has awesome websites that shows things that you are teaching in class. allows for better understanding.
  • accessible anywhere in the building and at home.
  • number of workstations available is adequate.
  • problems are few and small when compared to most other districts I have knowledge of
  • system, workstations, and software are current.
  • Everyone has access. Students learn how to use computers at a young age.
  • I love the shared folder! That makes things so much easier and much more time manageable for the ***** grade!
  • It is great to integrate the content areas. I have students do research (via the Internet) on social studies content standards. Then, they write reports (via Appleworks or Word) that I use for english language arts and social studies grades.
  • Tech support is always available. Resources are current. Professional development is offered. Internet access is almost always available. Coordinator remains current with trends, research, etc.
  • The computers and network are fast and reliable. Students and teachers have access to their files and the Internet from classrooms, labs, and the media center. They can even access server files from other locations such as at home. Students can bring their own laptops or pda’s and access the school’s network and printers.

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  1. I loved what people had to say. Very good comments. Loved the after school class and am excited to get my computer upgraded. Problem is, I wish I had all day to play around (on the computer). Thanks Ryan

  2. When I interviewed at Kenton City Schools 11 years ago, it was shared with me that Kenton would never be on the cutting edge of technology. At the time I thought that was going to be true. In a matter of about 5 years KCS, thanks to some wise administration and board members, we changed that perception and now have a system worthy of praise.

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