I thought I would send out a quick refresher on the names of the most used software packages through WOCO. Since it is the start of the new year, it’s as good as time as any to reference the services by their correct names.

  • DASL – Previously called DSL, no product has been called DASL for years and the term should not be used.
  • ITC – Information Technology Center. WOCO is our ITC. Formally called the DA-Site, which was mis-pronounced as The A Site.
  • ProgressBook – Also called the ProgressBook Suite. This is the suite of applications created by Software Answers. Some of the applications in ProgressBook include StudentInformation, GradeBook, SpecialServices, and ParentAccess. Most of the time you will not use this term unless you are talking about all of the services.
  • StudentInformation – This is what people think of when you say DASL. It is abbreviated as SI and can be accessed at https://si.woco-k12.org/.
  • GradeBook – Teachers use GradeBook to manage their class attendance, grades, assignments, etc. It is accessed at  https://gb.woco-k12.org/ and abbreviated as GB.
  • SpecialServices – Manages Special Education. It is accessed at https://ss.woco-k12.org/.
  • ParentAccess – Used by students and parents to access student’s grades. It is abbreviated as PA and located at https://pa.woco-k12.org.