Over the last few months I’ve been working on a new technology status site for Kenton City Schools. This site is hosted by Amazon Web Services, so it will be accessible even if our network, or WOCOs, or the state’s network isn’t functioning. I will still post issues to the kcstechalerts Twitter account, but if you don’t use Twitter, the new site will be of more use to you.

To view the site, navigate to status.kcs.me.

The top of the page will show the buildings, myself, and Mr. Dean with our current operational status. The bottom of the page will be a reverse chronological listing of past outages and issues. Scheduled maintenance will also show below the operational status.

In the upper right is an envelope icon. Clicking it will allow you to enter your email address and get a notification when the status changes. The email alerts come from [email protected], so you can set up notifications on your phone how you see fit. For example, if you are an iPhone user, you can add that address to your VIP list and get a notification when you receive email from that account.

If you have an issue, please check the status site before submitting a help desk ticket. There’s a chance we’re already aware of the problem and are working to solve it.