• The Internet Firewall/Web Filtering/SPAM Filtering machine has been moved to a faster machine to increase reliability. Since the move (three weeks ago) there has only been approximately 10 minutes total of downtime.
  • I’ve written some software to keep track of downtime of the various servers in the district and Internet connectivity. You can see the status of the network in the district at http://www.kentoncityschools.org/machinestatus.php. You can also get this information by following kcstech on Twitter (http://twitter.com/kcstech).
  • I’ve been working on backup and disaster recovery.
  • BuddyPress has been installed at http://kentoncityschools.org/. This adds a social networking component to the software that powers news.kentoncityschools.org, wall.kentoncityschools.org, info.kentoncityschools.org and any other blogs and websites. You will not show up as a member (even though you have an account) until you add some information to your personal profile.
  • There will not be a Of Bits and Bytes published in January.

Help Desk Report for 8/1/08-01-6-09:

  • 1,703 requests (Approximately 21 per school day)
  • Average response time: 4 days (this includes weekends and breaks. For example, a Help Desk entered on Friday and completed on Monday would have taken 3 days to complete).
  • Fifty three percent of requests are completed in 2 days or less.