Laptop and Desktop computers now use Google for logging in

The new Macs will use your Kenton City Schools Google account for sign in. After the machine is turned on, you will be greeted with the Google log in screen. Use your complete email address and school password to sign in.


  • The log in screen doesn’t show – If you are not connected to wifi, the log in screen won’t show. Click on the wifi button in the upper right and connect to your local wifi network
  • No wifi is available – If you are somewhere that doesn’t have wifi and you need to sign in, you can use the Mac log in screen. Click on the person icon in the upper right. You will be greeted with the Mac log in screen. For username, enter everything up to the of your KCS Google account. For example, I would enter collinsr because my KCS Google account is [email protected]
  • The machine is asking me to check my password – Every once in awhile the machine will want to verify that your Google account password is the same as the local password on the machine. If you haven’t changed your Google account password or your local machine password, you can hit cancel. Otherwise, hit continue and follow the prompts