There has been some issues with text overflowing on web sites into areas they shouldn’t be, like this:

magnification gone wild

This is a per user setting, so it will follow the student from Chromebook to Chromebook. To fix the issue you’ll need to check two things as the student logged in to a Chromebook.

1. Chrome magnification

Look in the address bar, on the right side. Do you see a magnifying class like this:

Chrome url magnification

If there is, hold down the control key and hit 0 (that’s zero). The screen magnification will be reset. You can also click on the magnifying glass and select Reset.

2. Web content resizing

There is a web content setting that will change the font size on all of the pages. To check and/or change the this setting will require a visit to the Chromebook settings. Click on the user icon in the bottom right of the screen and select Settings from the menu.

Chromebook - menu

Scroll down on the settings page until you hit the bottom, then click on Show advanced settings…

Chromebook Settings - Show advanced settings

More settings will show up, scroll down to the Web content section.

Chromebook Settings - Web Content

And double check that font size and page zoom match the settings above.