Edit: Updated graphics as of December 2020.

Previously, Google had given school districts and other organizations the ability to filter search results and Youtube. Unfortunately, there are some organizations that were using this ability to spy on the users for marketing purposes, so Google is now forcing all searches and Youtube to go over SSL, which is secure. This has a side effect of us not being able to filter, and we now have to rely on Google to filter for us. For Youtube, Google has had the uncanny ability to block not only inappropriate videos, but also videos produced by the staff and students of Kenton City Schools.

Last month, Google turned on the ability to approve videos for viewing by students of Kenton City Schools. I assigned this permission to all staff, so teachers can now check whether the students are able to view a video and approve it if not.

Checking viewability (yes, my new word) of a video

You will need to check that you are logged in to Google as your staff account. Go to Youtube and check the upper right corner of the window. Your avatar picture should be there, which, if you click on it, will show the user logged in.

Search or find the video you would like to show. Below the video will be a blue box, showing the status of the viewability of the movie by the students of Kenton City Schools.

A movie marked Watchable by kentoncityschools.org is able to be viewed by anyone, no further action required.

A video labeled Video not approved for kentoncityschools.org is not able to be viewed by students. It can be approved by clicking the Approve button.