There are three big changes coming up for teachers of KCS. Once the new technology is in place, we’ll be scheduling PD classes on moving forward! I don’t have a timeline for the changes, it is dependent on when Apple will release the new computer models and how quickly they can be shipped. 



Each classroom will be getting a new Mac Mini. This mini will be hooked up to the large display (the projector in the elementary classrooms and the TV in the middle school and high school) and will be used for anything that needs to be shown to the class.


Each teacher will be receiving a new laptop. Their current laptops will be re-purposed for the educational aides and other positions in the district. You’ll be able to wirelessly show you laptop through the Mac mini, allowing you to use the classroom’s large display without unplugging or plugging something in. This also gives you the ability to use your laptop on the large display anywhere in the classroom.

One caveat is for elementary classrooms that are still using an interactive whiteboard. You will not be able to use the touch surface with the laptop when showing your display wirelessly. It wil, however, work normally with the Mac Mini desktop.

Teacher 2-in-1 Chromebooks

A Lenovo 500e 2-in-1 Chromebook will be issued to each teacher. These Chromebooks can be used as a laptop or as a tablet, and each comes with a stylus. 

Along with the teacher laptop, the display of the Chromebooks may be displayed on the Mac Mini wirelessly.


I’m also planning on PD with a couple of pieces of software this year.

Google Jamboard

The best way to think about Google Jamboard is that it works a lot like SMART Notebook, but with additional  features. The big one is in collaboration. For example, you can share a Google Jamboard with your class, and have students work on the same Jamboard that you have up on the screen. Jamboards can also be created and assigned in Google Classroom. They are a nice alternative to Google Slides since students can write directly on the Jamboard with their touchscreen Chromebooks.


Canva is an all in one presentation, publishing, and video tool. There are tens of thousands of templates to use to get started, and everything is free for educators. If you want to take a look, email me for the sign up link.

Canva projects are collaborative, and work with Google Classroom.