Each staff member at Kenton City Schools will have a Google Group created for each of their classes.

To see your groups and check who is in the group, you can visit Google Groups. The class Google Groups have a description that start with Class Google Groups – and then your StudentInformation teacher code followed by a number.

Your StudentInformation teacher code is a four or five letter code that usually starts with the first two or three letters of your last name. You will have several Google Groups for your classes.

Here are my Class Google Groups:

The first one, cory, is a group for all of my students. Then I have cory-02 and cory-03, which corresponds with my second and third period class.

To use the group, you can email or share from Google drive with your group by appending @kentoncityschools.org to the end of the short name. So if I want to send an email to all of my students, I would send it to cory @ kentoncityschools.org. If I want to share a document with my third period class, I would share it with cory-03 @ kentoncityschools.org.

Check your groups out, and if you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask! Oh, and if there are any changes to your groups, let me know and I’ll sync the group. If you had or remove someone, they may return the next time I sync!