In March and April a student technology survey was sent home to completed by the students and parents to help the district gauge where we are with home technology. Six hundred and fifty responses were received, allowing a confidence interval of 3.1 at a 95% confidence level (survey results are +-3.1%).

Preliminary results:

  • Homes with a computer purchased since 2006: 82%
  • Homes with Internet access: 84% (some homes don’t have a computer and instead use their smartphone for Internet access)
  • Students who own or share and iPod Touch: 30%
  • Students with their own cellphone: 51%
  • Top 3 online accounts used by students: Facebook, Yahoo, iTunes
  • Top 3 online accounts used by household adults: Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail
  • Top 3 uses of the computer by students: Email, instant messaging, digital camera
  • Top 3 uses of the computer by household adults: Email, online shopping, digital camera

More results to follow as I get a chance to crunch the numbers.