Here is the KCS Technology Corner podcast for March 24, 2006.


What are podcasts? Podcasts are downloadable audio or video files that you can listen to on your computer or with a portable devices such as an iPod. Podcasts work with both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. A person will normally subscribe to podcasts, so when new episodes are released a program such as iTunes will automatically download it for you. You do not need to constantly check websites on whether they have a new episode. Launching iTunes will do this for you.Examples of educational podcasts include:

Non-educational podcasts:

How can I subscribe to this podcast? Using iTunes, you can click on the link to the iTunes Music store. Once inside the music store, on the left side of the window is a link for podcasts. Once you are in the podcast section, you can browse around to find podcasts that you like. There is also a Search All Podcasts link. Almost all podcasts are free to download. Once you find a podcast to which you would like to subscribe, you can click the Subscribe link. Now iTunes will check for new episodes when you open up iTunes.

Be sure that you are subscribing to the free podcasts. When searching, some of your results may be for songs or video that costs money.

Tech Tips

Staff and students always ask me for little tips to make them better at the computer. I’m going to highlight two tips today.

Music to get your Friday going – Brother Love – There She Goes from the podsafe music network.

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  1. Nice job with the podcast. Your teachers may also be interested in the work Bob Sprankle is doing in Maine. His third and fourth graders have been doing a podcast (Room 208 Podcast) for over a year about things they’re working on in class. Bob also has his own Podcast about education and technology, called Bit by Bit. Check both out at

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