In an article in USA Today, Online phys ed is taking hold in Minneapolis.

(Jacob Miller) …was finding it hard to complete his physical education requirement while balancing studies, sports and a social life. Then Miller discovered that through a new online class he could fulfill his phys-ed credit after school by playing on the Ultimate Frisbee team.

Students are able to fullfill their Physical Education requirement by documenting on line a physical activity that is done 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. A parent or coach must confirm that the student did the activity and students are required to do a fitness test at the end of the semester.

2 thoughts on “Online phys ed takes hold in Minneapolis

  1. this may be an easier way to take your phy-ed but i know that now all parents will make sure their children will do their phy-ed at home and their parents will confirm that the child did it even though they did not.

  2. I agree, Stacia. There are parents who would give their children credit when they in fact did not do the activity. There are so many things going on after school hours, that I don’t know how some students could even fit in a physical education program. By the time dinner and homework is finished, it becomes difficult to do anything outside because of lack of daylight.

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