We’ve all come to love and rely on Google, but I was alerted to a new site today, Clusty. This search engine takes your search query, and “clusters” the results into different search topics. For example, I did a search on “volcano”, and not only did it give me a list of websites for volcanoes, it gave me some categories to help me refine my search. These categories included:
⇨Hawaii (36)
⇨Volcano Observatory (20)
⇨Volcano information (16)
⇨Geological, Survey (12)
⇨Earth (16)
⇨Movie, Review (16)
⇨Kids (15)
⇨Flows (11)
⇨Mount St. Helens (9)
⇨Safety, Images

I could then click on any of those to see URLs in that category. Try it out at http://clusty.com/.

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  1. This search engine so helpful! When I have my kids research mythological creatures, common names such as Sphinx and Python yield so many different results unrealted to Greek mythology. If they use this, they can see it organized by topic. How cool!

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