Adobe announced in July of 2017 and I have posted that Flash was going the way of the dodo bird at the end of 2020. Well, how time flies because we are now closing in on the end of 2020. 

Google has slowly been making it harder and harder to run Flash in the browser. But, they have also given me tools in the Google Admin to force Flash to run. This will end on October 30th.

On Friday, October 30th, the Google Chrome settings will be set to the default for running Flash. This means that Flash will have to be turned on for any site that uses Flash, every time. Chrome will show a box for the user to click to turn on Flash.

Please make a note of any site that you are using that still uses Flash because come January 1st, 2021, Flash will no longer work on any browser. It will be impossible to run Flash after that date.

Let me know if you have any questions!